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The VOYZX Fine Art Project is focused on popularization and appreciation of Contemporary Art rooted from (in alphabetical order): Automatism, Abstract Expressionism, Biomorphism, Conceptual Art,  Cubism, Expressionism, Metaphysical Art, Neo-Dada, and Surrealism. These styles in various forms are connected to each other and it was one of criteria why we put them in our selection. And we help artists working in these styles.

We are organizer and host of the "VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism" and publisher of the

VOYZX Art international magazine (ISSN: 2561-5130)

To establish yourself and keep achieved positions in the art world is not an easy task. The success is not guaranteed, even if an artist is backed by perfect education in fine arts. Very often the challenges which artist can face during his /her career are underestimated. It caused frustrations and so on. The VOYZX Fine Art Project is focusing on providig artistic career support to the talented visual artists working in styles mentioned above. We work with living artists at different stages of their career, all of whom demonstrate extraordinary vision and original ideas.

Go to the "For Artists" page to get acquainted with how VOYZX Fine Art Project helps artists.

Artists interested in working with us are welcome to submit their portfolio for consideration (see details at Submissions page).



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