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Welcome to VOYZX [voiziks] Fine Art Project!

The VOYZX Fine Art Project is focused on popularization and appreciation of Contemporary Art rooted from (in alphabetical order): Automatism, Abstract Expressionism, Biomorphism, Conceptual Art,  Cubism, Metaphysical Art, Neo-Dada, and Surrealism. These styles in various forms are connected to each other and it was one of criteria why we put them in our selection.


The VOYZX Fine Art Project was founded in 2017 by Vladimir Kolosov – a multi-educated artist. Since early childhood Vladimir is closely connected with music, fine arts, and later mathematics and business and all it became an integral part of his life. The idea of ​​creating an art gallery specialized on contemporary surrealism and some other related styles was born shortly after his moving to Canada in 2006 - when Vladimir became acquainted more deeply with the culture and traditions of the West Coast. The unique nature and cultural heritage of the West Coast had always attracted surrealists such as Andre Breton, Max Ernst, Wolfgang Paalen, Man Ray, and others. The West Coast was also the birthplace of the West Coast Surrealist Group (WCSG), which was active in 70’s and 80’s. Some of its former members, including the founder of the WCSG - Robert Davidson, have joined the VOYZX Fine Art Project .


However, over time, the idea of ​​a traditional gallery has undergone many transformations. It took almost a decade of research, analysis, and development of the most optimal model for the organization;  and the result - VOYZX Fine Art Project was created , flexible, sustainable, and efficient platform that can promote ideas and concepts of Contemporary Art related to selected styles locally as well as globally.  Vladimir’s dream is to create a hub dedicated to the Contemporary Art rooted from these selected styles. A hub that will attract artists working in these styles and its collectors to Vancouver, B.C.

It is important to mention also the role of late Barry Gordon, a prominent surrealist from California. He had been a like-minded friend and colleague to Vladimir, and has helped in shaping the vision of VOYZX up until he passed away in January 2020. Barry was the former owner of an art gallery in Beverly Hills, CA, and came in contact with Vladimir after Vladimir’s presentation of Canadian Surrealism in San Diego in 2015. Despite having never met in person, the two artists frequently discussed the concept of VOYZX and its future.


Step by step Vladimir’s dream is coming true. The VOYZX Fine Art Project works with living artists at different stages of their career, all of whom demonstrate extraordinary vision and original ideas. The membership at VOYZX Artist Group is open to every artist, from emerging to established, who attributes his / her art to our selected styles. The information about membership options, advantages and benefits of being a member of VOYZX Artist Group is here.

Artists interested in joining VOYZX are welcome to submit their application for consideration (see details at Submissions page).



  • Annual VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism. (International; every August, Vancouver, BC) For details click here.;

  • We organize solo and group exhibitions / sales in Vancouver, BC and "travelling exhibitions".

  • We do our regular VOYZX 3D Virtual Exhibition and sale;

  • We participate in reputable international Art Fairs presenting artists from VOYZX Artist Group;

  • Being the registered Canadian publisher we publish the VOYZX Art magazine (regular 3 times per year in print and digital forms, ISSN: 2561 - 5130) and offer artists (including not members) professional publishing services (from design to retail options);

  • Being a partner of the Artsy, the leading and most reputable marketplace platform, we provide our members with exceptional sales opportunities.

  • We provide our members with broad range of consulting services;

  • We run the “VOYZX Museum” – collection of Modern and Contemporary art with the educational and archival purposes.


Many people ask about the unusual name of our organization. It has an astrological meaning, which to a certain extent reflects the spirit of our organization. You can read more about what VOYZX is here: "What does VOYZX mean or stand for?"

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