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Welcome to VOYZX [voiziks] Fine Art Project!

The VOYZX Fine Art Project is focused on popularization and appreciation of Contemporary Art rooted in: Automatism, Abstract Expressionism, Biomorphism, Conceptual Art,  Cubism, Dada, Metaphysical Art, and Surrealism.


To establish yourself and to maintain your establishment in the art world is not an easy task. Very often the challenges which an artist can face during their career are underestimated. The VOYZX Fine Art Project’s mission is to provide talented artists with non-exclusive representation and support to help them reach their goals. We work with living artists who demonstrate extraordinary vision and original ideas.


Go to the "For Artists" page to get acquainted with how VOYZX Fine Art Project helps artists.

Artists interested in working with us are welcome to submit their portfolio for consideration (see details at Submissions page).

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The story of VOYZX

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