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The VOYZX Fine Art Project is Canadian registered publisher specializing on visual arts. We publish the VOYZX Art - an international art magazine devoted to the art that rooted in Expressionism, Surrealism, neo-Dada, Conceptual Art and everything related. Our mission is to familiarize readers with these directions of Contemporary Art and popularize them by showcasing artists from around the world working with these styles. We carefully select artists for each publication through our open calls for artists. We publish essays about artists represented by our Contemporary Fine Art Gallery.

We also publish VOYZX exhibitions catalogues and offer publications for artists and art organizations from design to retail along with extensive marketing support..

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VOYZX Art magazine
VOYZX Art magazine
Voyzx art #3 vol I 2018 - Front Page.jpg
Cover 2019.png
Voyzx art #4 vol II 2019 - cover.jpg
Voyzx #5 Cover.jpg
Voyzx art #7 vol III 2020 Cover.jpg
Voyzx Art #8- vol III - cover.jpg
3D - 1 - c.png

"Vladimir Kolosov Through the Looking Glass", Olga K. Kaye (editor), VOYZX Press, 2022,

ISBN: 978-1-7771785-0-1, 240pp, 153 illustrations

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3D mockup_c.jpg

"Dreamland: the infinite space", Vladimir Kolosov, VOYZX Press, 2024,

ISBN: 978-0986779688, 168pp, 86 illustrations


Cover 3D The art that make us Homo Sapie
Cover 3D Unpredictability of our being-c
Voyzx art #6 vol II 2019 - Cover.jpg
Catalogue cover.jpg
Voyzx Art #9- vol III-Cover.jpg
VOYZX ECS2021-Catalogue - cover RGB.jpg

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