“There is no true work of art without a deep meaningfulness
– but meaningfulness need not mean straightforward intelligibility.
Why should works of art be easy to understand in a
world in which is nothing is easy to understand?”
Wolfgang Paalen


We are happy to announce that the second edition of the VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism has gathered exceptional talents working in different surrealistic manners, or in one or another way connected with surrealism. Every work has a story behind and invites a viewer to the dialogue. Artists talk about their journey to reaching their visions, each in their own unique way, they structure spaces with a special visual intonation, creating single pictures of perception, connecting the impossible. They do not limit themselves to the once discovered and publicly valued, but they continue with the new forms, emphasizing new meanings and motivations. Music composed and performed by Hervé Gilles (France).

Welcome to the second edition of the VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism!


After entering the exhibition:

- Use buttons with arrows to navigate the exhibition;

- Use menu on top right of the exhibition window to get more information about artworks, their details and availability, to send request, etc.

- To see details of artwork click on piece on the wall which you're interested in. The artwork will be zoomed in. To read the detailed information about artwork click on (i) in menu on the right corner. To send request - click "request".

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