VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism 2020 is an annual international art exhibition, dedicated to contemporary arts rooted in surrealism, neo-Dada, and everything related. Exhibition is a joint project created by the VOYZX Fine Art Project and VOYZX Art magazine. The show is held in

David Lam Hall in Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada from August 15th to 25th, 2020.

VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism is an independent, "self-funded" exhibition. The participation fee, which varies depending on the exhibition space and services, is destined to cover the rental of the venue and related costs, the exhibition space set up, the artwork installation and dismantling services, the advertising and promotional costs, publishing of the catalogue, and other direct and indirect costs born for the organization of the exhibition.


The exhibiting categories include:


  • Painting

  • Drawing and calligraphy

  • Mixed media

  • Sculpture

  • Digital art

  • Photography


We live in a multi-cultural world where each society and community contributes to global culture. Art is a unique and universal language which helps us to understand each other and makes the world we live in better. VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism 2020 is committed to demonstrating the importance of arts rooted in surrealism, neo-Dada and how these arts break the cultural barriers in our diversified world.



Please click to read the VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism 2020 Terms and Conditions




Applications are open


VOYZX Fine Art Project Inc.

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