Yolanda Bienz

I am truly inspired by the Dada art movement, which originated in my home country Switzerland, the thoughts of Surrealists as well as indigenous traditions, nature and life as experienced and observed. My work is often created by listening to the words of Canadian singer, song-writer, poet, and novelist Leonard Cohen, and other poetic musicians. I live with my husband and artist Martin Guderna in Vancouver, Canada. I acknowledge that our atelier is located on the Unceded Coast Salish Territories.


My works are created by allowing to move the hand randomly across the paper, freed of rational control, by exploring the unknown to finally reveal an image of imagination. Automatism is my method to make visible. The essential formative process takes place below the level of consciousness which involves observation and meditation.


I’m stimulated by the works of Paul Klee, Jean Dubuffet, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Alberto Giacometti, Louise Nevelson and Ladislav Guderna.


Yolanda's website: http://www.yolandabienz.com/


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Yolanda Bienz - Anticipate to Wait-Expec
Anticipate to Wait-Expect to Linger,
Oil on Wood, 24"x48"
Yolanda Bienz_Limelight Blues.jpg
Limelight Blues,
Oil on Wood, 24"x48"
Yolanda Bienz -Soon to be Ancestor.jpg
Soon to be Ancestor,
Oil on Wood, 24"x48"
Yolanda Bienz -Participants.jpg
Ink on Paper, 30"x22"
Yolanda Bienz-Dark Matter.jpg
Dark Matter,
Ink on Paper, 30"x22"
Yolanda Bienz_Moving out
Moving Out,
Ink on Paper, 30"x22"
Yolanda Bienz-Rehearsing a Scene.jpg
Rehearsing a Scene,
Ink on Paper, 30"x22"
Yolanda Bienz-Spare Parts.jpg
Spare Parts,
Ink on Paper, 30"x22"
Yolanda Bienz-Waterfall.jpg
Ink on Paper, 30"x22"