Vladimir Kolosov

There is no greater medium for expression than works of art, an idea is best spread through artwork as it allows the audience to interpret it in their own individual ways. My art is my main means of expressing both: extraordinary and simple joys and intricacies of the world that I've come across in my lifetime. Words would not suffice in trying to explain the inner workings of mind – paint on a canvas does a much better job at showcasing the emotions and thoughts that ran through my mind with each particular event or thought portrayed in my artwork.

Vladimir's website: http://www.artofvk.com/

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Vladimr Kolosov "Sensation of thelst stucture"
Sensation of the lost structure,
Oil on Canvas, 18"x14"
Vladimir Kolosov "Harlequin"
Oil on Canvas, 30"x36"
Vladimir Kolosov "Playing Shakespeare"
Playing Shakespeare,
Oil on Canvas, 30"x24"
Vladimir Kolosov "Secret wishes ofDavi overwhelmed by the battle with Goliath"
Secret wishes of David overwhelmed by the battle with Goliath,
Oil on Canvas, 24"x30"
Vladimr Kolosov "Illusion of Exhstence"
Illusion of Existence,
Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x18"
Vladimir Kolosov "Communication with reflection"
Communication with reflection,
Oil on Canvas, 24"x18"
Vladimir Kolosov_In search of a self-ide
In search of a Self -Identity,
Oil on Canvas, 108"x48"
Vladimir Kolosov_Love Touch_C.jpg
Love Touch,
Oil on art board, 28"x22"
Vladimir Kolosov_Seaside-Love Triangle_C
Seaside. The Love Triangle.
Oil pastel, oil on paper, 30"x22"
Vladimir Kolosov_Seaside Dancers (Razors
Seaside. Dancers (R.C.)
Oil pastel, oil on paper, 30"x22"
Vladimir Kolosov_Embarassed lovers talk_
Lover's transformations over embarrassed feelings
Oil pastel, oil on paper, 22"x30"
Vladimir Kolosov "Choir of Cyclopes"
Choir of Cyclopes,
Vladimir Kolosov "The hot line"
Vladimir Kolosov_Cult of virility_C.jpg
The Cult of Virility,
The hot Line,