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Born in Czechoslovakia in the family of surrealist painter Ladislav Guderna. The passion to art and the bohemian lifestyle seemed to be handed down to Martin at an early age.


His family emigrated to Canada in 1968 in response to the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. His father became recognized as one of the few surrealist painters in Canada. Ladislav Guderna’s output included many drawings, paintings and prints. His work has been exhibited internationally.

Martin Guderna studied art at the Ontario College of Art, Academia di Belli Arti in Florence, and at the University of Toronto. He worked in Paris for extended times in the 80’ and 90’.

From an early age, Martin took also great interest in science and history as well as political events.

Martin Guderna’s work is an expression of inter-connectivity of science, history, and current events. He uses different methods to express his consciousness and subconsciousness.


Martin has shown his work internationally, primarily in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Vienna, and Paris. He also helped his father to publish the two surrealist magazines, Scarabeus and Melmoth from 1976 to 1999.


Martin’s work has entailed performances and collaborations with other artists. A special acknowledgement to his dear friends, Sheri-D Wilson (The Mama of Dada and Calgary Poet Laureate) as well as to playwright Blake Brooker, the Liquid Cardinal.




Martin's website: http://www.martinguderna.com/


Martin Guderna

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Martin Guderna_#1_Enamel on Metal 28x22.
Enamel on Metal, 28"x22"
Martin Guderna_#4_Enamel on Paper-24x18
Enamel on Paper, 24"x18"
Martin Guderna_#3_Enamel on Metal - 28x2
Enamel on Metal, 28"x22"
Martin Guderna_#5_Enamel on Paper-24x18.
Enamel on Paper, 24"x18"
Marting Guderna_#2_Enamel on Metal 24x18
Enamel on Metal, 24"x18"
Martin Guderna_#6_Enamel on Paper -24x18
Enamel on Paper, 24"x18"
Martin Guderna_#7_Enamel on Wood 24x18.j
Enamel on Wood, 24"x18"


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