Leo Labelle

Leo Labelle is an artist of both international and local fame. He has toiled with his paints, brushes, pencils, pens and sculptural implements for over fifty years. Leo’s artworks have been exhibited from the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada to the East Coast of the United States in New York, as well as in Europe, South America and the Orient. His works can be found in both local and international, private and public collections. Among the many awards Leo has won for his works are a First Prize Award (shared with the Jack Shadbolt) in a juried show at the Burnaby Art Gallery and First Place Prize & Award in the sculpture category in the New York Art Horizons International Art Competition at the New York City Art 54 Gallery.


With an art education from the Minneapolis School of Art and hands on experience of owning-operating the Avelles Gallery in Vancouver, he has held many curatorial positions including Art Director for the prestigious Bau - Xi Gallery in Vancouver, Art Director for the Vancouver Children’s Centennial Theater as well as original Assistant Curator and Director for the City of Vancouver’s LIP Gallery and Art Program.

Leo's website: www.leolabelle.com

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Leo Labelle - "0008"
Collage (1974)
Leo Labelle_Angel-In-Transit-2
Angel in Transit - 2
Drawing (2018)
Leo labelle_ The Three
The Tree
Acrylic on canvas (2018)
Leo Labelle, Mixed Scape
Mixed Scape
Drawing (1975)
Leo Labelle_The Opening
The Opening
Acrylic on canvas (1983)
Leo Labelle_The Meeting
The Meeting
Acrylic on canvas (2016)
Leo Labelle_Arriving on Plasmatic
Arriving on Plasmatic
Drawing (1997)
Leo Labelle_Seeing Things
Leo Labelle_Tongue-Lashing
Tongue Lashing
Acrylic on canvas (2015)
Seeing Things
Drawing (2004)
Leo Labelle_Target
Acrylic on canvas (2019)
Leo Labelle_My-Self
Acrylic on canvas (2015)
Leo labelle_Seeing-Things
Seeing Things
Acrylic on canvas (2019)
Leo Labelle_Candy Tree
Candy Tree
Wood, enamel (1994)
Leo Labelle_Four Minds
Four Minds
Wood, enamel (1986)
Leo labelle_Shaman Mind
Shaman Mind
Wood, enamel (2001)
Photographs taken from the VOYZX Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism, Vancouver, Canada, 2019