Barry Gordon

I started making art at age five or before. I have lived with art around me my entire life. 

My work features social satire, or political commentary, seen through a surrealist lens with variant representations of music, biologic and organic forms, institutions and social relationships. I play with visual counterpoint among color, design, composition, space, optical abstraction and fantasy. Nature inspires me and as a surrealist I include my own distinctive abstracted versions of flowers, trees, birds and humans.


No matter how unique an artist’s image, it is a creation of a specific time, place and culture, and reflects the works of earlier masters. My work also reflects the freedom, light and multicultural qualities of California. These influences serve only as the foundation for the ideas expressed on my canvas


In sum, I am a sociological artist, a figurative abstract surrealist. Art in general, and specifically my imagery, provides the viewer with the opportunity for an interactive journey through their own experiences and conceptual perceptions seen through their own filters, as expressions of their relationship to their world. Whether a scene, situation, feeling or a relationship, like love or romance, all has meaning. This interaction can elicit a delightful intellectual even “delicious” and affective response – perhaps even a smile.

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Barry Gordon_California People
Barry Gordon - Flash
Oil on canvas, 36"x24"
California people
Oil on canvas, 50"x34"
Barry Gordon _ Melodramatic Landscape
Melodramatic landscape
Oil on canvas, 36"x48"
Barry Gordon - Optical abstractions, political alluions
Optical abstractions, Political allusions
Oil on canvas, 60"x40"
Barry Gordon - Picnic
Acrylic on canvas, 30"x24"
Barry Gordon_Ahead, into it, a multicultural adventure
Ahead, into it, a multicultural adventure
Oil on canvas, 22"x25"
Barry Gordon_Human Inner-Essense
Human inner - essense
Oil on canvas
Barry Gordon Exotica
Acrylic on canvas
Barry Gordon_Cool & Mellow
Barry Gordon_Corporatism: Oppression, Suppresson, Depression & Supervision
Corporatism: oppression, suppression, depression & subversion
Hand-colored lithograph
Barry Gordon_JAZZ-Sepia
Jazz (sepia)
Etching and aquatint
Cool and mellow
Hand-colored etching
Barry Gordon_Face Family
Face family
Bronze on marble turntable
Barry Gordon_Classically Surreal
Classically surreal
Bronze on marble turntable
Barry Gordon - Facial Forms
Facial forms
Bronze on marble turntable


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Jazz (sepia)