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Aline Pouget

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From the earth to heaven, according to the observations that the reality of the world offers her, Aline Pouget restores the Universe where nature, city and cosmos meet each other.  She balances the lived and the imaginary. On the edge of the figurative and the abstract, her works confuse the viewer to take her to escape and dream. From the obvious to the mirage, her gesture frees, dissolves the composition. The degree of abstraction stays on course towards lines of leaks that structure the gaze to the margins of the surface of the canvas. In this diffuse where the loss of landmarks dominates, the Aline always seeks to bring out something recognizable. A tree, a setting sun, a sailboat, a suspension bridge, buildings...


Aline’s preferred technique is oil on canvas or wood. She works a radiant palette. The density of pigments induces depths that testify to the emotional charge of its creation.

"The attraction to the color and light around us gives me such a sense of happiness that I want to share it with everyone."

Aline paints as she feels. It summons this omnipotence of perception to exalt the senses in search of harmony and a certain pictorial enchantment.

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Bataille navale
Bataille navale,
Oil on Canvas
50cm x 72cm
Funny Town
Funny Town,
Oil on Canvas
54cm x 65cm
Lumieres vertes dans l'espace
Lumieres vertes dans l'espace,
Oil on Canvas,
73cm x 100 cm
Oil on Canvas,
54cm x 54 cm
Lumieres dans l'univers
Lumieres dans l'univers,
Oil on Canvas
73cm x 91cm
Lumières jaunes dans le cosmos
Lumières jaunes dans le cosmos,
Oil on Canvas
65cm x 81cm
Couleurs dans l'espace
Couleurs dans l'espace,
Oil on Canvas
65cm x 81cm
Naissance d'une étoile
Naissance d'une étoile,
Oil on Canvas,
38cm x 46cm
Oil on canvas
54cm x 65cm
Oil on canvas
54cm x 73cm